What is The Class?

The Class is a cathartic workout experience that guides you to strengthen the body and notice the mind to restore balance.


How does it work?

The practice is mat-based and music-driven. We repeat one move per song to create sensation in the body and observe our thoughts. In any given Class students can expect guided instruction and a carefully curated playlist to lead them through exercises they are familiar with such as—squats, jumping jacks, and burpees.

The result is a mental clearing and emotional release. Through continued practice students develop tools to empower their life, along with an incredibly strong, resilient, body. 

Something for Everyone


The Class Light

The Class Light is a softened, low-impact version of our signature Class. With specific attention to alignment and technique, students will safely move and flush the system of stress and tension. This practice is a great introduction to The Class method – perfect for beginners, those with injuries, new mothers, and mothers-to-be. Available on-demand.

The Class Restore

The first part of The Class Restore is filled with the fiery intensity and cathartic release of our signature Class, followed by restorative stretching and meditation. Sealing the practice with this extended offering will provide balance, rest, and repose. Students leave with all the tools needed to move forward with clarity, intention, and a strong sense of self. Available on demand.

The Class With Kids

A quick and easy way to get the minis moving and learn ways to move stagnant energy up and out of their bodies, similar to what the signature Class offers adults. There are only two rules to share: no talking and no touching one another. Let the kids know they can make sound: laugh, shout or whatever comes up, and encourage them by doing the same. Available on demand.


The Class Focus

This collection of on-demand movements work the physical and emotional body in shorter, focused sequences. A collection of 10-30 minute Classes target specific areas of the body, and longer, 45-60 minute practices serve as a complement to live Classes when flexibility of time is important.

The Class Prenatal

Created for students who are expecting, on-demand prenatal Classes use elements from our signature Class and focus on a balanced sequence with modifications throughout, including guided alignment to help you maintain the practice throughout pregnancy.

The Class Collaborations

These Classes are at the intersection of our signature 60-minute Class and the work of some of our favorite musical artists. Move, sweat, and breathe on demand, any time you need.


The Class Express

The Class Express is a live 45-minute version of our signature Class. The practice is condensed, but follows a similar pattern of cardio and strength-based exercises with a heart- and mind-clearing release.

The Class Recover

The Class Recover is a series of on-demand restorative movements and stretches that can be used before or after a longer Class practice.

The Class Meditation

Our teachers lead meditation sequences to balance out and supplement the intensity and fire that is ignited in The Class. Available on demand.

Let’s Begin

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