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An online 4-week self-study roadmap for change.

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What is The Course?

Join The Class founding teachers for 4 weeks of guidance and at-home exercises — with the support of a companion workbook, weekly emails, and connection with fellow Classmates.

Through movement, reflection, and visualization, The Course will deepen your understanding of how your mind functions: when it’s working for you, when it’s working against you, and how to be present.


Why take The Course?

In The Course, we use the work done in The Class as the basis of further exploration. You’ll learn the tools required to uncover your thoughts, that lead to the patterns that limit your quality of life. You’ll also learn how to disrupt what isn’t supporting you and become more skilled at returning to the present moment. In the end, you will be more capable of attaining the change you desire.


Participate at your own pace.

There are four modules — Thought, Pattern, Disruption, and Practice. Each module is meant to be completed in one sitting and will take an average of one hour to complete, then work with the module and our Integration Exercises for one week to practice your learnings.

We recommend one module per week.

What will you experience?


Weekly Videos

Watch The Class led by Taryn, lectures by Natalie, and meditations by Jaycee from any location.

The Workbook

Follow along with each module by printing or pairing with your own journal.

Weekly Exercises

Take time to integrate each module through expression, reflection, and ritual.

Community Support

We are here for you. Join us through weekly emails, slack, facebook, and The Course Classmates zoom sessions for next level support.


Community Support


Weekly Emails

Share the day you wish to start The Course and receive weekly emails from the team with words of inspiration, mindfulness tips, and more.

A Slack Group

Share your reflections, thoughts, and questions with The Course team and community in real time over Slack.

A Facebook Group

Utilize our Facebook group as your "Course Classmates", or as a way to share key takeaways with others.


Get next level support with this four week long, interactive zoom collective, moderated by Natalie Kuhn.

The Course Leaders


Taryn Toomey

During a challenging childhood, Taryn learned that her internal compass was grounded in her ability to self-regulate with movement and music. Driven by a sense of connection to spirit, she immersed herself in different rituals, ceremonies, prayer, spiritual traditions, and psychotherapy work. Taryn was practicing the process of tolerating change, allowing a clear channel to her soul, and unknowingly seeding the foundation for what would later become The Class in 2013.

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Natalie Kuhn

Now the VP of Programming and Teacher of The Class, Natalie pulls from her history steeped in psychology, world movement, and poetry. Through thought-provoking guidance and heart-thumping music, she brings her students face-to-face with their own personal challenges; together, they sweat, they dig deep, and they come out energized—discovering how strong they are.

Learn more about Natalie.


Jaycee Gossett

Jaycee currently oversees the Teacher Training Program and uses her unique brand of movement-driven wisdom to masterfully educate and elevate new leaders of The Class practice across the country and Canada. As a Teacher of The Class she guides her students to move beyond the intensity of the surface to seek the empowering, expressive freedom within.

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Available on demand, indefinitely.


Yours to keep. Forever. Study at your own pace.

Scholarships Available

For every 10 tickets purchased, The Class will offer one scholarship for The Course. Please apply here to be considered. Should a scholarship become available and you qualify, we will contact you directly.

What Students Are Saying


“What a beautiful trio of Teachers. Taryn’s nuggets of wisdom embed in my body and psyche. Natalie’s scientific brain and poetic passion are total inspiration. Jaycee’s grace and embodiment of presence brings a feeling of lightness.”

“This program exceeded my expectations. It highlighted the importance of disrupting old patterns and being present in my body.”

“The Course has been the conduit to connecting my physical body to my spiritual being. Whereas I used to treat them independently, now I work through thoughts and feelings by spectating.”

“The Course has allowed me to break one of my deepest patterns.”

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