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Sam Bilinkas

From childhood, Sam craved a deep connection with the world outside her and the people who inhabit it. A fiercely present actor/musician, she quickly discovered the natural power music has to hook into our physical bodies and the profound therapeutic link it has to our emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Sam strives to hold space for her students to get messy, find the beauty in discomfort, and give permission to explore the wisdom that lies beneath it — however heavy, however light.

Follow her at @SamBilinkas.

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January 21st (Aquarius)


Live music. Human connection. Poetry. The great outdoors. The current moment. A cosmic shift.


Suzuki/Williamson Movement, Somatic Experiencing, Meisner Acting at NYU Tisch.

Fun Fact

I’m named after Sam from ‘Bewitched’

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