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Raj Barker

A certified Yoga instructor and Holistic Nutritionist, Raj is an inquisitive student who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Raj has used yoga / movement / meditation and Holistic Nutrition to cultivate her own tool kit to cope with the many dealings of life. A huge pivotal point was losing her dad at 26 and putting the tools to work to support her own grief and healing. 

Coupling yoga with all the facets she has learned through her Nutrition degree, plus the layer of unexplainable magic she has received from her experiences with The Class, Raj is dedicated to educating and inspiring others with the precious and powerful tools of health and wellness that she so gratefully lives by.

Raj’s dynamic classes manifest mind-body connections through a new light, one that leaves students feeling empowered, capable, and open hearted. Through this same experience, Raj has delved deeper and reclaimed a fire in her practice through the work of The Class. The transformation created within the self-practice is one that ripples into all other areas of one’s life journey. When not teaching The Class, you can typically find Raj Health Coaching at The Well, lying on a beach somewhere warm or sleeping.