Mon Gutierrez

Monica’s classes are straight from the heart. Attuning to the Universal waves we are all riding. A space to explore the dynamic shapes and mobility within our bodies, stimulating the relationship between flow + stability, grace + strength, softness + bravery. She creates space to remember your resilience, honor your sovereignty and celebrate what you are capable of.

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Monica Guiterrez

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January 27 (Aquarius)


Feelings. La Luna. The mess and glory of living here on Earth.


A lifetime of study in dance, theatre, and voice. 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Various trainings and intensives in pilates, yoga, and breathwork.

Fun Fact

My grandparents lived in a cul-de-sac when I was growing up where all the kids would hang out together. We'd be playing and I'd invite everyone over for a snack which was actually just Italian parsley and spearmint from my grandmother's garden. They literally would find me snacking there before dinner. Honestly, not much has changed since then...

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