Katie Facada

Katie found yoga in 2009 and The Class in 2018, which brought healing as well as deep release while working long nights and days as an advertising creative.

Katie’s classes reflect her own practice of being with what shows up, and the healing and aliveness that can only be found through presence.

She hopes to hold a safe space for you to be with you. Whether you’re in love, grief, joy, “bleh”, resistance, or release—she’s got you. And I’m sliding into first person now, to tell you that I mean that with my whole heart.

Follow her at @katiefacada.

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October 7 (Libra)


Yoga. Music. The elements. Life cycles. Humans like Tara Brach, Michael Singer, Osho, Paulo Coelho, Mary Oliver, Judith Lasater, and Janet Stone. All of my teachers including this body, this breath, and this wild human life.


Yoga Instructor E-YRT 200 (Yogamaya New York) with Advanced Training in Restorative, Pranayama, Prenatal and Reiki. And now: Burpees!

Fun Fact

I’m a triple Libra. Sun, Moon and Rising.

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