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Kate Alvarado

Growing up in a family of artists, Kate fed her passion for self-expression through dance. After graduating from UCLA, she began attending yoga classes and found renewed inspiration in the connection between mind and body, leading her to complete her yoga training to become a teacher. Kate’s Class balances intensity, laughter, and depth. You will be challenged to meet your ideas of potential and ask if there might be more within you. Each class will leave you feeling grounded and empowered to take your practice off your mat and into your day.

Follow her at @Kate_Avocado.

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May 28th (Gemini)


My Late Grandpa Ray, Stevie Nicks, Rothko, RBG, AOC, Poems By Natalie Kuhn


300 Hour YTT, 80 HR CPT, Nutritional Health Coach Certified

Fun Fact

My grandfather's name Ray is tattooed on the inside of my ring finger. He was my greatest muse and I channel him always.

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