Custom Digital Experiences

Beyond the Digital Studio, The Class offers personalized online offerings for businesses and teams, or for groups of friends and family from the comfort of your own home.


Team Building and Team Morale

Boost morale, combat screen fatigue, and encourage team building with a customized 20-60 minute vision of The Class crafted specifically for your team.


Conferences and Seminars

Unite, reenergize and refocus teams of any size. Use a customized 20-60 minute version of The Class or short interstitial segments to start the day, as a mid-day break, or to wrap up the week.


VIP Press Experience

Use The Class as an experience for influencer and press outreach.


Sponsored Class

Choose a class on our digital platform to bring your brand or product in front of our audience. Great for product launches, product placement, or brand recognition.


Weddings and Bachelorette Parties

Experience The Class with the people who matter most. Whether it’s to get the pre ceremony jitters out on your big day, or to energize your girlfriends before a night out on the town (or a group zoom), we will create a personalized, memorable experience for you and your favorite group of humans.

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Birthdays and Celebrations

Celebrate another year of life with movement and intentionality. Whether it’s a birthday with your closest friends or a loved one’s anniversary, we guarantee a carefully-crafted experience to meet your goals.


Group Classes

Choose from one of two options in order to bring The Class to your workout crew, your coworkers, or your community.

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