CJ Frogozo

CJ is a multi-hyphenate — seasoned communications and PR professional, movement instructor, and warrior for social justice. Through her high energy and empowering Class, she encourages students to meet their own challenges both on and off the mat through energizing, dynamic and fun movements that leave students feeling the buzz under their skin. As someone who works 60 hour weeks, The Class is the ultimate outlet for CJ, and she hopes that others find the same release and respite from their own day-to-day lives.

Follow her at @CJFrogozo.

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May 2 (Taurus)


Lindsay Tyson and Regina Rocke at SkyTing, Trammell Logan at SoulCycle, Kendall Roach at LeBounce, Vanessa Padula and Kelly Cole at SLT


YogaWorks 200 Hour with Annie Carpenter and Sonya Cottle, Barre3, American Council on Exercise Group Fitness, Hip Hop Dance, SLT, SoulCycle

Fun Fact

In 2001, during my junior year abroad, I taught aerobics in Aix-en-Provence, in French!

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