Beyond the Studio

Our experiences amplify the work of The Class by moving you outside the limitations of daily life and creating space for deeper self-exploration.


Custom Events

Create your Class experience. The Class offers personalized events for groups of friends, family, and co-workers — digitally.


The Course

A practical roadmap for change.

This four-week self-study digital practice is led by The Class founding teachers with 4 hours of guidance and at-home exercises as well as a companion workbook. Participate at your own pace, from any location.


The Retreatment

Unpack your baggage.

The Retreatment is an immersive experience, dedicated to the practice of renewal and designed to transform more than your body. Join us for half-day or multi-day journeys.

Previous Retreatments took place in Hudson Valley, Mexico, Malibu, Ojai, Martha’s Vineyard, Whistler, Mustique, Santa Fe, and Dominican Republic.


The Journey

A weekend of transformation — offered live or on demand.

The Journey is a 2-day digital retreat. In The Journey you will have the opportunity to learn from a variety of different thought leaders, and apply their teachings to help you live a more spacious and awaken life.

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The Remote Retreatment

A 3-hour digital journey of the fire of The Class paired with the cooling of restorative movement.


Public Events

Amplify the work of The Class at one of our digital pop up events, supporting charities that our close to our hearts.


The Immersion

Break up with the patterns that are breaking you.

The Immersion is an in-person, city-based, 4-day, guided self-study program. What are the roots of your thoughts and patterns? What has been passed down and inherited? What has laid hidden?

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