极速赛车最新开奖结果Your movement
and meditation


极速赛车官方网站A cathartic workout for the body and mind

Enjoy a music-driven workout experience that borrows from yoga in its spirit, a rock concert in its energy, and bootcamp in its grit.

2022极速赛车开奖历史Your subscription supports others.

For every month of the The Class Digital Studio that is purchased, we give a month as a scholarship to someone who could benefit from the work of The Class.


All you need is a

mat to begin moving

Through guided instruction and a carefully curated playlist we repeat one move per song, while leading you through exercises you’re familiar with such as—squats, jumping jacks, and burpees.

极速赛车最新开奖结果查询,极速赛车官方网站,2022极速赛车开奖历史记录What students are saying


“Best way to describe it is spiritual aerobics. In just a few weeks I felt stronger, more centered, and noticed a difference in my body. I finish The Class feeling more grateful for the good.”

— Dana

“The words make it connect. The method creates the space. The music is the heartbeat. You do the work. Community has been my lifeline through this difficult time, and somehow I can see that more clearly than ever through my screen.”

— Brandi

“I've been loving The Class. Lately, because it's energetic and challenging, lets you move your body freely and authentically, and is also spiritually regenerative.” ⁣

— Erin


Join our Digital Studio today and stream 70+ live Classes a week

Seven days a week, experience live Classes from your home, office, or anywhere you have a computer, smartphone, or connected TV. Our digital app puts you on a mat in our studio, where you can move with us for 45-60 minutes—in real time.


Choose from more than 100

on-demand Classes—new content added weekly

Can’t make a live Class? Explore our growing library of on-demand Classes that give you the emotional release you need. We cover everything from alignment to meditation to prenatal Classes.

Available on multiple devices

Watch from anywhere on your computer, iPhone/iPad, AppleTV, Android, AndroidTV, Roku and AmazonFire app.


Receive guidance from an empowering group of teachers


Risk Free

Find mental clearing and emotional release while discovering the tools to empower your mind, body, and spirit.

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